Tola Xox
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Tola Xox on Katchitta

Born 200,000 AD- Tuiiuii
Died 1,000,002 AD- Katchitta (Age: 800,002)
Eye Color Unripe Pink
Hair Color None
Skin Color Atmospheric Blue
Species Tuiiuiiuin
Gender Male
Weapon(s) Bright Magic, Mind Control
Known Master(s) None
Known Apprentice(s) Sire Loggan AmCaran, Xexei, Laf Loe Mio, Dawnlord Sirra Dawn (After Night Infection), Prodigan, Mysziqua (Before Rebellion), Maxs Azzitta, Qen il-Aban, Yumi Aksan
Affiliation(s) Dawn Republic, Tuiiuiiuin Society, League of Shadows, Exited League of Shadows (Year: 1,000,000), Tuiiuiiuin Society


Tola was a young boy when his father and mother were killed in a starcruiser accident. He was a theif from his ages 7-19, until he stole  and hijacked a space ship and sought enlightenment when moving to Katchitta...


Once he moved to Katchitta he found enlightenment after practicing the ways of Dhratmic, or the ways of the light. At the age of 31 he got back into stealing and theivery. He was asked by Mirall Olen to found the League of Shadows with him and The Queen of the Night. With that founding they can make an ultimate power on to the magnificent world. But then, after several thousand years with the League of Shadows, he quit and made peace with his old friends, family, and associates. He spent his last two years regaining the ways of Dhratmic, and died of old age on the planet of Katchitta.


  • Gaining enlightenment at such a young age.
  • Founding League of Shadows.
  • Teaching over 90 students.
  • Regaining enlightenment after death clannery debocle(s).
  • Living 800,002 years of age.

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