Queen of the Night
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The Queen of the Night on Earth

Born 399,968 AD- Void
Died 1,800,000 AD- Moon (Age: 1,400,032)
Eye Color Void Violet
Hair Color Dark Brown
Skin Color Lavendar (Naturally)

Pale (Disguised)

Species Voidcore
Gender Female
Weapon(s) Void, Mind Control, Dark Magic
Known Master(s) None
Known Apprentice(s) Sire Loggan AmCaran, Mysziqua (Before Rebellion), Savvaks Ammon, Kono Mai, Ckisson Welvoskvy, Yatt, Xexei, Dawnlord Sirra Dawn (After Night Infection), Uzjvc, Menstora Lavish, Yerti Ogannu, Maxs Azzitta, Mila Kortoff, Qen il-Aban
Affiliation(s) Void Society, League of Shadows

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