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Mysziqua looking at Tola's enlightenment on Katchitta

Born 401,123 AD- Kithararia
Died 401,160 AD- Kithararia (Age: 37)
Eye Color Dark Sea Green
Hair Color None
Skin Color Pale
Species Kithararian
Gender Female
Weapon(s) Bow
Known Master(s) Queen of the Night, Tola Xox
Known Apprentice(s) None
Affiliation(s) League of Shadows, Rebellion's Middle, Night Medallion

Childhood Edit

When Mysziqua (MIZ-ee-kuh) was only 5 years of age, her mother and father were both shot to death by assassins. Ever since then she joined the League of Shadows. She spent her life stabbing, shooting, and kicking. She grew up to be the best bow-woman in the League of Shadows (Age 19).

Adulthood Edit

After Mysziqua was crowned the best bow-woman in League of Shadows history, she couldn't handle the pressure and left the League of Shadows forever. She gained friendship with a clan of rebels called the Rebellion's Middle. Later she heard punching in the sewers (where they slept), and killed the suspect of murder. But, it was training and she was chased for hours until dawn. 4 years later she found a group called the Night Medallion. After working with them over ten years, they went to war with the League of Shadows and was killed by The Queen of the Night.

Achievements Edit

•Surviving house attack when 5

•Crowned Greatest Bow-Woman in L.O.S.

•Rebelled against L.O.S unharmed

•Surviving 6 hour chase from Rebellion's Middle Members

•Fighting in the Yutuchi-Shadow Clan War