McKenzie "Kenz" Fogstalker

Fogstalker tip toeing in a graveyard.

Born 400,061 AD- Kithararia
Died 400,133 AD- Ferrar (Age: 72)
Eye Color Crystal Blue "Before Primal Pill

Bright Light Yellow "After Primal Pill"

Hair Color Dirty Amber
Skin Color Pale
Species Human "Primal Pilled (age 24)"
Gender Female
Weapon(s) Falchion (Right Hand), Kilij (Left Hand), Trickory, Camouflage, Stealth, Speed
Known Master(s) Mirall Olen
Known Apprentice(s) None
Affiliation(s) Kithararian Thief Bind, Primal Clan, League of Shadows, Kithararian Society


Fogstalker was born on May 26th, 400061. Her mother left the father with the baby and moved to Earth. Fogstalker grew up learning tomboyish things from her father. He father was killed in a spaceship accident and she was only 4. She found a merchant who fortunately took her in as his own. When Fogstalker turned 18, she investigated her father's accident a bit more. She then found out that the man that killed her father was the merchant. The merchant apparently paid a man to "accidentally" crash into her father's ship. She then grabbed her father's two most valuable possessions and killed the merchant while sleeping. Fogstalker then got into thievery with the Primal Clan and was wounded very badly at the age of 24. They Primal Pilled her. A Primal Pill is a drug that gives you infinite adrenaline at all times.


After she was drugged on the Primal Pill, she noticed what she has done to get in such a life threatening mess. Then, Fogstalker killed every single Primal Clan Member and officially quit the squadron. When she was 26 years of age, she joined the League of Shadows under Miral Olen's permission. He asked her why her eyes were so yellow. She told him just a simple word. "Pill". He reacted surprisingly and continued the search for more apprentices. She assassinated multiple people under Mirall & QOTN's demand. She brought back heads of kings and other rulers. QOTN noticed her excellence and asked her to permanently leave the League of Shadows. When she was asked to leave she was the age of 45. For the rest of her years she lived as a Kithararian and was assassinated at the age of 72 on the planet of Ferrar by a Shadow Assassin.


  • Survivor of Spaceship Crash
  • Avenging Father
  • Surviving Primal Pill
  • Non-Dysfunctional after 15 years of Primal Pill
  • League of Shadows Member
  • Killed several kings and rulers
  • Aged well (72 years)

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