General RulesEdit

  • Language 
  • Spamming
  • Racism
  • Blasphemism


Any source of cursing, cussing, or swearing is prohibited. Mild language is although not prohibited by there should be and age limit on the wiki (13 years or higher). Vocabulary such as "f-bombs" and "the (s) word" are mainly prohibited. Words such as crap, etc., etc. are not prohibited. I hope that you all understand.


Too many emoticons in chat or any other type of reuse of language or emticons will result to ban from chat or wiki.

  1. First Time - Warning
  2. Second Time - Ban from Chat
  3. Third Time - Ban from Wiki


Racism is very offensive and will cause automatically in Wiki Banningship. In Reference: Words such as Crac*er, Caf*er, N*****, Go*k, Reds*in, etc. will cause either Wiki Ban or Chat Ban depending on your history with the wiki and/or if it is in chat.


In case you do not know what blasphemism is, its is the racism of religion. Phrases such as "Oh my God", "God kill me now", etc., etc., will cause in illegal use of Wiki Accompaniment and will be caused in wiki ban or chat ban depending on your history with the wiki and/or if it is on chat.

Last NoteEdit

The wiki and its staff help you to know that we enjoy all wikians stay on the wiki and will look further to get to know you better. Do not make wrong choices and cause yourself to get in trouble.

Thank You,

Your Wiki Staff

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