League of ShadowsEdit

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The League of Shadows Symbol

The League of Shadows is a highly trained clan/group of assassins that are trained to kill, fight, and/or act. They are just doing business but rarely get paid from the Leader, Queen of the Night. The Three founders of the League of Shadows are Queen of the Night, Tola Xox, and Mirall Olen.

Time PeriodsEdit

The League of Shadows was founded in the year of 399,991. Then as the Queen of the Night was killed on the Moon, the clan slowly lingered and collapsed past that. The time that is collapsed was in 1,800,087.

Backstory Edit

People usually joined the League of Shadows to regain their honor, or gain avenging. People did not want to savagely kill others. They just wanted respect, honor, pride, happiness, and a good life. But, once the Queen of the Night fell to her knees at the Earthen Moon, eighty seven years worth of killing and assassinating turned into cold, gut-wrenching sounds of death and horror. Assassin for the League of Shadows were never seen again. But some who tried to stop it, left the community such as Tola Xox. He regained his friendship with the Tuiiuiiuin Society and died on the planet of Katchitta of old age.

Hidden LogosEdit

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